Our coatings can be applied as a full coverage or selective spot coating. They can be applied as a thin layer or as a raised texture. Each coating is mixed specifically for our client. No two coatings are the same and the posibilities are endless. Below are a few samples of unique textures and finsihes from our past projets. They can be applied to various substrates and label material as well.

With over 30 years of innovative print techniques we continue to engage our customers by providing the most unique embellishments. From prototype development to final design, our proprietary ink technology and artisan application process deliver striking results.
As we continue to expand our coating library, we are ever mindful of the environment. The importance of sustainable packaging and print solutions is not a choice...its our mandate.

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Our unique solutions provide added value to the print, design, and packaging community. By adding a multisensory dimension to your print, you engage the end user. Brand recognition is increased dramatically as well as consumer appeal. Stand out from the rest and increase your ROI with your creative print projects.‚Äč