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Our finishing solutions include custom die cutting, laminating, folding, clip seal, tipping and gluing, and guillotine cutting.

At TG, we can provide the necessary packaging and fulfilment services our customers require. Our cost saving strategy employs logistic savings that are fundamental to any print project. By utilizing our state of the art facility to design, print and finish, our customers generally save unnecessary additional  logistics fees.

At  TG, we offer more than traditional print services. We specialize in unique print solutions

that are produced using cutting edge print technologies. Our award winning designs and print solutions are definitely valued within the Design and Print Community.

In addition to our unique print techniques, we offer full design services and technical solutions as well. From the design, print, data mining and management, unique pin numbers and personalized mail-out, we do it all.

Our ink technology is proprietary to our print process. At TG we believe specialty finishes begin with quality ink components combined with tried and tested print techniques. All of our inks are specially designed and created in house ensuring batch consistency and high quality standards. We ensure that your custom ink stays constant throughout each print run.   

At TG we believe that in order to achieve succession, the absolute absence of defects ensuresa quality printed product. That is why our inks go through rigours testing methods and qualifying standards before being released into market. From weather testing to repetitive safety standards and compliance, we test it all!

At TG, part of our strategy is to spend time researching, defining, and building our library of

specialty coatings. In order to make your message interactive, we believe the print method should create a long lasting impression in order to create an impact.